Freeze Panes in Microsoft Office Excel

Published: 16th November 2011
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Freeze Panes is mostly a very useful aspect of Microsoft Office environment Excel. It is which is used to keep a few rows at the very top or columns with the left when scrolling all the way down or across any worksheet. It is really useful when data is something that is entered onto many rows along with being desired to hold column headings apparent.document to pdf

In Excel 1997-2003 it truly is an option within the Window Menu. In Excel 2007 together with Excel 2010 it is an option within the Window Group on the View Ribbon.

To show Freeze Panes with, select a cell and go through the Freeze Panes option for the menu or bow. All of the actual rows above typically the selected cell and the many columns to the left within the selected cell shall be frozen. A line appears beneath frozen row(s) and to the right of your frozen column(s) to point which rows or columns are iced. Scrolling down or through the worksheet will then simply only scroll the particular unfrozen cells, that i. e. the frozen row(s) and columns(s) will remain visible relating to the screen. To switch frozen panes off of, click on a similar menu / lace option (which now appears as Unfreeze Panes).

To be familiar with what the prior paragraph means, try it now. Open Excel, select cell B2 using a blank worksheet and press Freeze Panes in the Window Menu or View Ribbon. You will note the lines appear on the screen to signify which row not to mention column are taken. Next, enter some column headings into Units B1 to F1 but some row headings inside Cells A2 to A6 as well as begin scrolling down or throughout the screen (or squeeze the Page Straight down key). Row 1 as well as Column A will continue to be visible on screen it doesn't matter how far you scroll.

Nowadays unfreeze the glass and scroll a worksheet. See the particular difference?

It isn't necessary to freeze them columns and rows. To freeze rows only, select some cell in Column A and apply Freeze Panes, Such as, if Cell A4 is normally selected and Freeze out Panes is used, Rows 1 to 3 will likely be frozen, but hardly any columns. To freeze out columns only, pick a cell on Strip 1 and fill out an application Freeze Panes. As an illustration, freezing panes together with Cell C1 specific will freeze Articles A and B, but no series.

Freeze Panes is further useful when used along side a relevant work, e. g. SUBTOTAL or Excel Filter. Try this...

On a reject worksheet, enter all the column heading AMOUNTS into Cell A3, consequently select cell A4 along with Freeze Panes. At present enter the solution =SUBTOTAL(9, A4: A100) into Mobile or portable A1 and enter in some numbers to Column A within the heading (don't give any blank rows). Being the numbers are got into, the SUBTOTAL perform will sum your numbers.

Now, when the database is strained (select Cell A3 and click on Data, Filter, AutoFilter throughout Excel 1997-2003 as well as Data, Filter around Excel 2007 or possibly 2010), filtering for numbers not as much as five for case study, will hide the actual rows with numbers in excess of or equal that will five and vary the formula provide Cell A1 to the sum of the visible quantities only.

As stated previously, Freeze Panes is mostly a very useful function of Microsoft Office environment Excel, especially when used in partnership with functions and Filter -- and naturally it can provide on much larger databases versus the above simple model. To learn a great deal more about Freeze Window panes, experiment, experiment, play. To see plenty of examples of it available (and read various things about Excel), see the JP Excel Exercise Files.

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